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Drag Reduction in Polymer Solutions

Project Overview

The project is aimed to develop novel polymers for subterranean treatments especially secondary oil drilling operations (hydraulic fracturing). The research is divided into the following steps:

  • detailed characterization of drag reduction active polymers 
  • understanding of the polymer/solvent and polymer/flow interaction 
  • participating on the development of novel polymers with desired properties (more resistant to shear degradation, biodegradable and more efficient as drag reducing agents). 

Drag reducing polymers decrease the frictional drag in turbulent flow and consequently the pressure loss along the pipe. The above mentioned, in the case of hydraulic fracturing, means increased pressure of cutting jet and leads to higher oil field recovery factor. For detail characterization a state of art pilot plant scale flow facility simulating hydraulic fracturing condition was designed. The flow facility is able to test both homogeneous and heterogeneous polymer drag reduction as well as local drag reduction. With the help of particle image velocimetry system the work station will give us insight into the polymer/flow interaction and help us to design tailored polymers.


Dr. Ivan Zadrazil
Post doctoral research associate

Prof. Alexander Bismarck
Prof. Geoff Hewitt 



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