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EU    FP7       Matflexend (604093)


317.310.-(Total) Eingangsphase (2 Jahre bis Jul  2015)

Partner im Christian Doppler Lab für Thermoelektrik

July 2013-July 2020


Current EPSRC Support

EP/L017679/1 Manufacturing of High Performance Cellulose Fibres to Replace Glass fibres & Carbon Fibre Precursors (C)

EP/K014676/1 Ionic Liquid Biorefining of Lignocellulose to Sustainable Polymers (C)

EP/K016792/1 Engineering with Graphene for Multi-functional Coatings and Fibre-Composites (C)

EP/K01658X/1 Graphene three-dimensional networks (C)

EP/J014974/1 Molecular Builders: Constructing Nanoporous Materials (C)

EP/I02946X/1 High Performance Ductile Composite Technology (HiPerDuCT) (C)

Previous EPSRC Support

EP/J013390/1   Nanocellulose Binders for Fibre Preforms: Creating the Building Blocks of High Performance Sustainable Composites (P)

EP/H007598/1 Large-scale solvent-free functionalisation of carbon nanotubes (C)

EP/G005648/1 CRack Arrest and Self-Healing in COMPosite Structures (CRASHCOMPS) (C)

EP/F032005/1 Functional and Green End-of-life Nanocomposites: Design, Processing and Characterisation (P)

EP/F004435/1 Flow Control with Ink-jet Printed Polymer Surfaces (C)

EP/F012993/1 Consortium of Excellence in Advanced Sensors and Their Applications (P)

EP/E046029/1 Predictive Analysis of Complex Interfacial Flows (PACIF) (C)

EP/E007538/1 'Intelligent Adapters': A New Paradigm in Multifunctional Polymer NanoComposite Engineering (P)

EP/D068851/1 Nanostructured Membranes for Innovations in Liquid Separations (C)

EP/C511174/1 New Generation Membranes For Molecular Separations In Organic Liquids (C)

EP/C519949/1 Bone Tissue Scaffolds Reinforced and Activated with Carbon Nanotubes (C)

GR/S75673/01 Manufacturing High Performance Fibre Reinforced Fluoropolymers for Applications in Extreme Environments (P)

GR/T24029/01 Nanotube wettability and modification: The key to hierarchial fibre-reinforced nanocomposites (C)


Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Recognised Researcher



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