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Invited refereed journal papers

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23 Lee, K. Y., Shamsuddin, S. R., Fortea-Verdejo, M., Bismarck, A. "Manufacturing Of Robust Natural Fiber Preforms Utilizing Bacterial Cellulose as BinderJ. Vis. Exp. 87 (2014) 

22 Shirshova, N., Qian, H., Houllé, M., Steinke, J.H.G., Kucernak, A.R.J., Fontana, Q.P.V., Greenhalgh, E.S., Bismarck, A., Shaffer, M.S.P. “Multifunctional Structural Energy Storage Composite Supercapacitors” Faraday Discuss. (2014) accepted.

21 Tebboth, M., Menner, A., Kogelbauer, A. and Bismarck, A. “Polymerised High Internal Phase Emulsions for Fluid Separation Applications” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 4 (2014) 114–120.

20 Lau, T.H.M., Wong, L.L.C., Lee, K.-Y. and Bismarck, A. “Tailored for simplicity: Creating high porosity, high performance bio-based macroporous polymers from foam templates” Green Chem. 16 (2014) 1931 - 1940.

19 Lee, K.-Y., Shamsuddin, S.-R., Fortea Verdejo, M. and Bismarck, A. “Manufacturing of robust natural fiber preforms utilizing bacterial cellulose as binder” J. Vis. Exp. (2014) in press.

18 Jiang, Q., Menner, A. and Bismarck, A. “Emulsion Templated Macroporous Polymer/Polymer Composites with Switchable Stiffness” Pure Appl. Chem. 86 (2014) 203 - 213.

17 Wong, L.L.C., Barg, S., Menner, A., do Vale Pereira, P., Eda, G., Chowalla, M., Saiz, E. and Bismarck, A. “Macroporous Polymer Nanocomposites Synthesized from High Internal Phase Emulsion Templates Stabilized by Reduced Graphene Oxide” Polymer 55 (2014) 395 - 402.

16 Lee, K.-Y., Buldum, G., Mantalaris, A. and Bismarck, A. “More than Meets the Eye in Bacterial Cellulose: Biosynthesis, Bioprocessing and Applications in Advanced Composites” Macromol. Biosci. 14 (2014) 10 – 32 (invited review, cover page).

15 Ikem, V.O., Menner, A., Bismarck, A. and Norman, L.R. "Liquid Screen: A Novel Method to Produce an In-situ Gravel Pack” SPE J. (2013) in print.

14 Bai, S., Ho, K.K.C., Knox, G. and Bismarck, A. “Improving the Adhesion between Carbon Fibres and an Elastomer Matrix using an Acrylonitrile Containing Atmospheric Plasma Treatment” Composites Interfaces 20 (2013) 761-782 (Special Issue of Composite Interface dedicated to ECCM15).

13 Bismarck, A. “Hype about high internal phase emulsion templating: adding particles makes all the difference” express Polym. Lett. 6 (2012) 953.

12 Mortera-Blanco, T. Rende, M., Macedo, H., Farah, S., Bismarck, A., Mantalaris, A. and Panoskaltsis, N., “Ex vivo Mimicry of Normal and Abnormal Human HematopoiesisJ. Vis. Exp. 62 (2012) JoVE 3654.

11 Kot, E., Saini, R.K., Norman, L.R. and Bismarck A. “Novel Drag-Reducing Agents for Fracturing Treatments Based on Polyacrylamide Containing Weak Labile Links in the Polymer Backbone” SPE J. 17 (2012) 924 - 930.

10 Blaker, J.J., Lee, K.-Y. and Bismarck A., "Hierarchical Composites Made Entirely from Renewable Resources" J. Biobased Mater. Bioenergy 5 (2011) 1 - 16. (journal cover page)

9 Ho, K.C.C., Shamsuddin, S.-R. Riaz, S. Lamorinere, S. Tran, M.Q., Javaid, A. and Bismarck, A. “Wet Impregnation as route to unidirectional carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites manufacturing” Plast. Rubber Compos 40 (2011) 100 - 107.

8 Blaker, J.J., Lee, K.-Y., Mantalaris, A. and Bismarck, A. “Ice microsphere templating to produce highly porous nanocomposite PLA matrix scaffolds with pores selectively lined by bacterial cellulose nano-whiskers” Comp. Sci. Tech. 70 (2010) 1879-1888.

7 Qian, H., Greenhalgh, E.S., Shaffer, M.S.P. and Bismarck, A. "Carbon nanotube-based hierarchical composites: A review " J. Mater. Chem. 20 (2010) 4751-4762. (journal cover page)

6 Shamsuddin, S.R., Ho, K.K.C., Lamoriniere, S., Lee, A.F. and Bismarck, A. “Impact of In-line Atmospheric Plasma Fluorination of Carbon Fibres on the Performance of Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polyvinylidene Fluoride” Adv. Polym. Technol. 29 (2010) 86 - 97.

5 Kim, K. and Bismarck, A. "Editorial Corner: Science babel: does the lack of a common terminology in the field of emulsion templating hinder progress?" express Polym. Lett. 4 (2010)

4 Bismarck, A. "Editorial Corner: Are hierarchical composite structures the way forward to improve the properties of truly green composites?" express Polym. Lett. 2 (2008) 687.

3 Heng, J.Y.Y., Pearse, D.F., Thielmann, F., Lampke, T. and Bismarck, A. “Methods to Determine Surface Energies of Natural Fibres: A Review” Composite Interfaces 14 (2007) 581–604 (Special Issue on Interfaces in Green Composites).

2 Juntaro, J., Pommet, M., Mantalaris, A., Shaffer, M.S.P. and Bismarck, A. “Nanocellulose enhanced interfaces in truly green unidirectional fiber reinforced composites” Composite Interfaces 14 (2007) 753–762 (Special Issue on Interfaces in Green Composites).

1 Habel, W.R. and Bismarck A. “Optimization of the adhesion of fiber optic strain sensors embedded in cement matrices: a study into long-term fiber strength” J. Structural Control 7 (2000) 51-76.


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