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Refereed papers published in proceedings of international conferences

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9 Thielmann, F., Burnett, D. and Bismarck, A., “Measuring adhesion phenomena between carbon fibers and model polymer matrices”, Intern. SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition (Proceedings) 50 (2005) 1551-1558.

8 Safinia, L., Beverly, D., Wats, K., Mantalaris, A., Bismarck, A., “Surface Modification and Coating of Polystyrene and Poly (D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) by Combining Plasma Treatment With Collagen Anchorage”. Proceedings of 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering 2005, Glasgow

7 Watkins, L., Bismarck, A., Brain, A., Lee, A.F., Maughan, J., Wilson, D., Wilson, K., “An XPS study of pulsed plasma poly-allyl-alcohol film growth on polyurethane”, Abstr. Pap. Amer. Chem. Soc. 230 (2005) U4274 (Abstract).

6 Fears, M.A., Dumontet, V., Okubanjo, O., Bismarck, A., Sakurai, T. and Pontzen R. “Effect of Formulation Components on the Bulk Stability and Foliar Delivery Behaviour of Suspo-Emulsion Formulations Containing Built-in Adjuvants” in “Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals (ISAA2004)”, Cap Town, SA, 08.-12.11.2004

Safinia, L., Blaker J.J., Lim, J., Maquet, V., Boccaccini, A.R., Bismarck, A. and 5 Mantalaris A. “In vitro evaluation and surface characterisation of bioresorbable polylactide foams, surface coated with fibronectin and collagen” European Cells Mater. J. 5, supplement 2 (2003) 84-85. (Abstract)

4 Wielage B., Lampke T. and Bismarck A. "Oberflächensensitive Methoden zur Einschätzung des Verstärkungspotenzials von Naturfasern“ in “Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde”, Wielage, B. and Leonhardt, G., eds. (Wiley-VCH: Weinheim) 2001, pp. 454 - 460.

3 Mohanty, A.K., Bismarck, A., Aranberri, I., Czapla, S., Springer, J., Misra, M. and Hinrichsen, G. “Characterization of natural fibers using zeta-potential measurements: Surface properties and the water uptake behavior of modified jute, sisal, and coir fibers.” Abstr. Pap. Amer. Chem. Soc. 219 (2000) 26 (Abstract)

2 Habel, W.R., Schulz, E., Kalinka, G. and Bismarck, A. “Evaluation of the Adhesion Behaviour of Optical Fibers for Sensors Embedded in Cementitiuos Materials” in “Proc. of the International Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensors for Construction Materials and Bridges” (Technomic Publishing Company: Lancaster) 1998, pp. 194 - 207.

1 Habel, W.R., Hillemeier, B., Bismarck, A. and Springer, J. ”How to achieve the desired strain transfer for fibre-optic microdeformation measurements in cementitious building materials at early ages?” in “European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors, Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers” Culshaw, B. and Jones, J.D.C., eds., (Spie Vol. 3483) 1998, pp. 59 - 63.



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