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Membranes for Water-Treatment from Renewable Resources

Even though clean water seems to be commonplace in our part of the world, the requirement for cheap and easy solutions for water treatment becomes more and more important. Membranes applied for this purpose and their manufacture should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Thus, membranes from renewable resources such as (nano)cellulose or chitin for the removal of contaminants like fertilizers, heavy metal ions or microorganisms are developed.


Nanopapers for organic solvent nanofiltration

Cellulose nanopapers as tight aqueous ultra-filtration membranes

Nitrate removal from water using a nanopaper ion-exchanger

Phosphorylated nanocellulose papers for copper adsorption from aqueous solutions

Efficient continuous removal of nitrates from water with cationic cellulose nanopaper membranes


Dr. Andreas Mautner
Post-doctoral Fellow


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