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Extraction of chitin from fungi

Project Overview

This research aims to develop novel biopolymer that reinforced by chitin nanofiber obtained from fungal mycelia. This will hopefully lead to the production of truly green nanocomposite material with interesting characteristic in term of ductility, durability, stability, strength, etc. coupled with renewability/biodegradability properties. We plan to develop a method of directing the growth of selected fungi (by chemical, physiological, or biological route) so that it can facilitate the development of long chitinous structure in vivo. Alongside, nutritional requirement, growth condition and chitin extraction process will be optimized. We will also look upon efficient nanofibrillation process for uniform and high aspect ratio chitin nanofiber production. This is followed by improvement in term of the compatibility of chitin nanofiber towards renewable polymer matrix for nanocomposite production. Effect of different chitin nanofiber loading on biodegradable polymer matrix performance and resulted nanocomposite will be characterized on the basis of nano/microscopy morphology, crystallization behaviour, mechanical strength, thermal expansion behaviour, etc.


Dr. Andreas Mautner
Post-doctoral Research Associate


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