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Supported by £6m EPSRC Programme grant

We work with both thermoset and thermoplastic matrix polymers, with continuous carbon fibre and multi-wall carbon fibre nanotubes. Our research aims to improve the interface between the matrix and the fibres by modifying the matrix and surface functionalising the fibres. Nanotube wettability and modification is key to hierarchical fibre-reinforced nanocomposites. Our manufacturacturing facilities include a continuous composite line (tapes of pre-preg) and composite processing using filament winding (laminates). Plasma treatment is used in line to functionalise the surface of the fibres. We have also received a £6m EPSRC Programme grant to develop high performance ductile carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites.

Continuous composites manufacturing line

Composite Manufacturing Line

Continuous in-line plasma modification of carbon fibres to manufacture thermoplastic pre-pregs

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