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Our research focuses on the development of multifunctional porous materials manufactured using concentrated emulsion templating (CET). An example of CET is the well-known technique to polymerise High Internal Phase Emulsions (HIPE) to obtain open porous polymer foams with extremely low densities and high porosities of up to 97%, respectively. The liquid-like nature of emulsions allows manufacturing polymer foams into any desired shape, without the need for secondary procedures such as machining. These emulsions are formulated at room temperature and can be polymerised at elevated temperatures. The resulting material can withstand high temperatures (in excess of 350°C), making it suitable for a variety of applications. We manufacture porous media via emulsion templating route and membrane casting, respectively. This allows us to tailor the porosity, density and morphology of the porous media, as well as the mechanical properties. We measure the flow through porous media as a measure of permeability and assess their feasability as membrane and filter materials.

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