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The focus of this research group is the development of novel reponsive materials for various applications. There are three main focusses in this research group; turbulent drag reduction, reponsive polymers and responsive interfaces. Novel materials like drag reducing polymers can increase the pressure at the fracturing point and improve the efficiency of the process. Our group works on hydrophobically modified drag reducing polymer, degradable drag reducing polymers and mechanism of drag reduction. We are also working on responsive polymers for tissue engineering applications. By tailoring the polymers, the properties of the tissue engineering scaffolds can be made responsive to physiological stimulus (pH, temperature, salt concentration etc). This research provides new means for the detection of deviation from physiological conditions. Our group also works on tailoring the interface between solid-solid or solid-liquid to create systems that are responsive to its surrounding environment. The areas described above constitute the frontiers of application of chemistry and chemical engineering tackling the energy demands of the world.

Turbulent drag reduction

Drag Reduction in Polymer Solutions

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