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Polymer electronic senses within carbon fibre composites

Project Overview

The aim of this research is to produce a composite that has smart plastic electronic senses that are designed directly into the carbon fibres composites and then using the electrical properties within the composites to create smart electronic senses. The development of this technology would allow the polymer electronics to be designed into the composite at the manufacturing stage thus allowing such operations as detection of pressure sensitive senses that would perceive pressure or damage in real time. This technology would allow control surface to detect in real time damage to an area on the composite and then by incorporating polymorphic polymers and data transmission lines the integral structure of the composite could be maintained thus allowing identification of the damage before catastrophic failure occurs. This approach will allow the carbon fibres to carry data transmission signals directly through the composite and then allow heat conduction currents to be sent precisely to a specific point within the composite allowing reshaping of the composite.


Steven Wakefield
PhD student

Prof. Alexander Bismarck


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