The general safety and laboratory rules and regulations of the University of Vienna apply.

Furthermore, we have to insist that the following rules are in particularly followed:

  • Personal protective equipment (minimum: lab coat and safetly glasses) must be used.
  • Hazardous risks to oneself or third persons must be avoided.
  • Eating, drinking, gum chewing, or similar activities are prohibited in the laboratories.
  • Instruments must not be opened unless instructed to do so.
  • Spilled samples and chemicals must be immediately removed in a correct and proper way. In general, all kinds of contamination and soiling of the laboratories and offices have to be avoided or immediately cleaned up.
  • Radioactive and explosive substances as well as biohazard materials are not allowed. To protect our employees, it is mandatory to clearly label all samples. Toxic, strongly reactive or otherwise dangerous asmples must be specifically designated and risks associated with this samples communicated. Special disposal requirements must also be communicated.
  • Users who are authorized to access the CF are responsible for all accompanying persons (e.g. students) and have to ensure that these persons adhere to the safety instructions listed above . Visitors are only allowed upon authorization by CF staff.


Access to the CF is allowed upon authorization granted by a member of the CF.


The running costs of the CF are largely borne by the Institute of Materials Chemistry and the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna. For that reason, user fees have to be charged. Discounted fees for acdemic users are available. Departments of the Faculty of Chemistry are only charged our net costs for individual service measurements or measurement time on instruments.

It is possible that persons with appropriate background receive a training on some of the devices to perform measurements on their own. Please contact us if a number of measurements is expected and such a scheme is assumed to be the most efficient one.

Moreover, it is mandatory to include costs incurred to the CF for third-party funded research projects when applying for research grants. Next to required chemicals and consumables, depending on the instrument to be used, e.g. iGC columns, DSC-pans, carbon tape,..., money for the project-specific use of an instrument in the core facility should be requested (e.g. “other costs” in FWF stand-alone projects or EU Horizon projects). For support with the costing calculation please contact us:[at]

For general information regarding the involvement of the core facilities of the Faculty of Chemistry in third-party funded research projects, please consult the Dean's office; for help with calculating the costs and for offers required by some funding agencies, please contact[at]


Raw data of analytical services will be provided either per e-mail or, in case of too large file sizes, as password protected *.zip file to download. These data will be stored on the local equipment computer and/or our internal server for at least one month after finalisation of the service. Upon request raw data will be immediately and permanently deleted from our devices and servers. It is the sole responsibility of the client to fulfill liabilities regarding data storage and protection (e.g. in case of publicly funded publication).


In the case that data provided by our services is used in publications, we kindly ask to recognise this appropriately. If data is only generated this should be acknowledged, if further intellectual input beyond access to a standard measurement was necessary (e.g. data evaluation) please consider co-authorship for the person in question. In such a case, we will be happy to help with manuscript preparation and revision.