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Tippireddy S, Ghosh S, Biswas R, Dasgupta T, Rogl G, Rogl P et al. Thermoelectric properties of Al substituted tetrahedrite. Journal of Applied Physics. 2020 Jan 21;127(3). 035105.

Rogl G, Rogl PF. Skutterudites: Progress and Challenges. In Skipidarov S, Nikitin M, editors, Novel Thermoelectric Materials and Device Design Concepts. 1 ed. Springer. 2019. p. 177-201

Kneidinger F, Zeiringer I, Siderenko A, Bauer E, Michor H, Rogl P et al. Physical properties of CeIrSi with trillium-lattice frustrated magnetism. Physical Review B. 2019 Oct 31;100(13). 134442.

Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 571