Vienna Experiment for Drag Reducing Agents (ViEDRA)

The Vienna Experiment for Drag Reducing Agents (ViEDRA) is a 7m long pilot plant to study polymeric drag reduction in turbulent pipe flows for a wide range of Reynolds numbers (Reynolds numbers up to Re=10^6). At ViEDRA we study the polymer solvent interaction in turbulent pipe flows and explore the behaviour of novel polymers designed for improved drag reduction. The ViEDRA set up is such that pipes of different diameter can be installed. ViEDRA allows to be operated with homogeneous or local polymer injection and is suitable for cyclic operation to study the long term behaviour of the polymers. A particle image velocimetry (PIV) system will be installed to investigate changes in the turbulent flow pattern when adding drag reducing agents.

Dr. Hans Werner Müller

Alexander Bismarck