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Rogl G, Grytsiv A, Gürth M, Tavassoli A, Ebner C, Wuenschek A et al. Mechanical properties of half-Heusler alloys. Acta Materialia. 2016 Apr 1;107:178-195.

Morozova Y, Murashova EV, Dunaev S, Rogl PF, Giester G, Gribanov AV. New Ternary Intermetallic Ce4Pt9Al13. In SCTE 2016, Book of Abstracts. 2016. p. 269. PS3.39

Paschinger W, Yubuta K, Saiga Y, Giester G, Takabatake T, Rogl PF. The Crystal Structures of o,m-Ce3Pt4Sn6 and Ce1-xPt6 Al13+2x. In SCTE 2016, Book of Abstracts. 2016. p. 301. FrAO-6

Failamani F, Malik Z, Salamakha LP, Kneidinger F, Grytsiv A, Michor H et al. The Sections {La,Ce}Ni2Si2-{La,Ce}Zn2Si2: Phase Relations, Crystal Structures and Physical Properties. In SCTE 2016, Book of Abstracts. 2016. p. 310. FrAO-10

Legut D, Sykora R, Rogl G, Müller H, Bauer E, Puchegger S et al. Thermal Expansion and Tthermodynamical Properties of Ce-based Compounds CeCuAl3, CePt3Si, and CePt3B; Theory and Experiment. 2016. Paper presented at 46ème journée de actinides , Alpes d'Huez, France.

Christian R, Ikeda M, Lientschnig G, Prochaska L, Prokofiev A, Tomes P et al. Nanostructured clathrates and clathrate-based nanocomposites. Physica Status Solidi. A: Applications and Materials Science. 2016 Mar;213(3):784-801.

Rogl PF, Grytsiv A, Gürth M, Vrestal J, Romaka VV, Rogl G et al. {Ti,Zr}NiSn - based high ZT Thermoelectrics. In Book of Abstracts. 2016

Bauer E, Knapp I, Kamelreiter R, Bulgakova K, Mussnig F, Kunnummel P et al. Strategies for Improving the Thermoelectric Performance in Fe2VAl-type Heusler Compounds. In Proceedings. 2016

Failamani F, Göschl K, Reisinger GR, Nunes CA, Coelho GC, Machado AJS et al. High Temperature FeB-type Phases in the Systems Ta-{Ti,Zr,Hf}-B. Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion. 2015 Dec;36(6):620-631.

Showing entries 121 - 140 out of 550