Head of the group

Prof. Alexander Bismarck

Prof. Alexander Bismarck

Head of Institute

Room 2140
Tel: +43 (1) 4277 71301

Email: alexander.bismarck@univie.ac.at

Research interests

My research group, the Polymer & Composite Engineering (PaCE) Group, is a multi-disciplinary team with research interests in the manufacture and characterisation of fibre reinforced high performance (nano) composites, porous materials and hydrogels. We focus on the the development of renewable materials, biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering, composite super-capacitors and emulsion templating for the synthesis of porous polymers (so called polymerisable High Internal Phase Emulsions (polyHIPEs)). Furthermore, the group is interested in the social dimensions of materials research.

I am also affiliated member of The Composite Centre at Imperial College London and visiting professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering.