Brief Scientific Genealogy

The 1st (1. CI) and the 2nd Chemical Institute of the University of Wien (Vienna) were reorganized in 1959/60 to form the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC), and the Institutes of Inorganic Chemistry, of Analytical Chemistry and of Organic Chemistry. In the early 1970s, IPC had 5 chairs (“Ordinariate”): H. Nowotny (Physical Chemistry), J.W. Breitenbach (Polymers), E. Broda (Biophysical Chemistry), F. Kohler (Chemical Physics) and R. Stickler (Materials Research).

L. Ebert (†), PhD with:
H. v. Halban, U. of Würzburg, 1923

Postdoctoral position with:
N. Bjerrum, Copenhagen, 1923-25
W. H. Keesom, Leiden, 1925-26
F. Haber, KWI Berlin, 1926-28

Habil. (Berlin 1928), Assoc. Prof.: U. Würzburg, 1928-34
: Institute of Physical Chemistry, TH Karlsruhe, D, 1934-4
Professor & Head: 1st Chemical Institute (1. CI), U. Wien, A, 1940-56


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F. Kohler (†), PhD with:
L. Ebert, U. of Wien, 1950

Assist. Prof., Habil. (Phys. Chem., 1959), Assoc. Prof. (1966): 1.IC/IPC, U. Wien, A, 1950-71; Professor: Chemical Physics, IPC, 1971-75
: Engineering Thermodynamics, Ruhr University Bochum, D, 1975-89

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G. Scatchard (1892-1973), PhD: Columbia U., New York City, USA, 1916

Professor: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA, 1928-57

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Scott E. Wood (1910-2007), PhD: UC Berkeley, CA, USA, 1935

Research Assistant (MIT), Instructor & Assist. Prof. (Yale U.), Manhatten Project: 1936-53

Professor: Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, IL, USA, 1954-80

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R. Battino (1932- ), PhD with J.H. Saylor, Duke U., Durham, NC, USA, 1957

Researcher: Leeds & Northrup, USA, 1956-57
Instructor: IIT, Chicago, IL, USA, 1957-60; Assist. Prof.: IIT, 1960-66

Assoc. Prof.: Wright State University (WSU), Dayton, OH, USA, 1966-69; Professor: WSU, 1969-95; Emeritus: WSU, 1995- 

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J.-P.E. Grolier (1936- ), PhD with: A. Viallard, U. Blaise Pascal (UBP), Clermont-Fd., F, 1970

Research Assoc.: CRMT (Tian-Calvet Center) Marseille, F, 1974-77

Professor: UBP, Clermont-Fd., F, 1978-2007

Emeritus: UBP, 2008- 

H.V. Kehiaian (1929-2009), PhD with W. Swietoslawski, Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Directeur de Recherches: CRMT, Marseille & ITODYS, Paris, F, 1974-94

E. Wilhelm (1941- ), PhD with
F. Kohler, IPC, U. Wien, A, 1969

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Postdoctoral/Fulbright position with R. Battino, Wright State U. (WSU), Dayton, OH, USA, 1969-71

Assist. Prof., Habil. (Phys. Chem., 1979), Assoc. Prof., Lifetime Assoc. Prof. (Austrian President, 1988): IPC, U. Wien, 1971-2007; Vice-Head: IPC, 1998-99 & 2006-07; Head: IPC, 1999-2005

Visiting Assoc. Prof.: Chemistry Dept., WSU, Dayton, OH, USA, 1979-80

Visiting Professor: Physical Chemistry, U. Salzburg, A, 1995 & 1996

Research fields: Molecular thermo-dynamics of liquids and gases (pure & mixed); applied statistical mechanics, high-precision experiments: calorimetry (CP, HE), VLE (Henry’s law constant), PVT measurements (mechanical coefficients αP, βT), ultrasonics/hyper-sonics, gaseous diffusion coefficients.



A. Asenbaum (1946- ), PhD with P. Weinzierl, Institute of Experi-mental Physics (IEP), U. Wien, A, 1967

Assist. Prof., Habil. (Expt. Phys., 1984), Lifetime Assoc. Prof. (Austrian President, 1989): IEP, U. Wien, A, 1967-91

Professor: Experrimental Physics, U. Salzburg, A, 1991-2011